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Non-Profit Organizations

Gomers Inc. is now offering special consideration for those organizations that are considered to be humane societies, rescue groups and tax-free shelters. Such organizations involved in helping those animals and birds, that due to mismanagement situations, need their help to return to a healthy state, will be given the opportunity to order Karbo Products at a reduced rate. Help in rejuvenating those animals and birds using Karbo Products can be attained by following the ordering process outlined below:

  • Organization must state and prove their non-profit status and give their tax number
  • Initial orders can be processed via fax and/or telephone.
  • Orders must be paid before shipment
  • Orders must be shipped directly to the non-profit organization (address should correspond to the address where the tax exempt number was issued)

For further information or to place an order please call 608.617.9626 or email us at info@gomersinc.com