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Karbo Product Expectations

Expectations of Oligosaccharides in Combinations

  • Limit and bind daily internal organism challeges and to help inhibit their colonization and growth
  • Benefit beneficial intestinal flora as oligosaccharides cannot be used as a substrate by internal organisms
  • Promote homeostasis in the digestive tract
  • Stimulate a non specific immune response

Expectations of Essential Oils in Combinations

  • Possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Contain more that 30 healthful components
  • Work as natural ionophores, destabilizing the membranes of internal bugs
  • Inhibit the movement of flagella and pilli preventing the internal, unfavorable organisms from colonizing the intestine
  • Helps the animal's immune system to potentially block growth of internal, unfavorable organisms
  • Helps the animals's own immune system combat a wide range of daily challenges
  • Provide healthful properties without resistance build up from our all natural product

For more information on how our Karbo and Epic II CL products may enhance the immune systems and promote your animal’s or bird's overall health, please call us at 608.617.9626 or email us at [email protected]