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Swine Karbo Pellets+

Karbo Pellets+ are the pellet form of our Karbo Flour+ product. Karbo Pellets+ are designed to provide the same protection as Karbo Flour+, but in a more convenient form for distribution and consumption. The addition of the grain and forage products (alfalfa leaf meal) make the pellet form more palatable for many animals. They are especially appealing to grazing animals that enjoy picking at food particles. Karbo Pellets+, when used with Epic II CL (see product info), provide even greater protection for your animals and birds.

Karbo Pellets+
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Swine Feeding Instructions

We suggest the following regimen for the first two weeks the swine are on Karbo Pellets+.  After the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the amount listed below once a day.

Karbo Pellets+
Litter and Adult WeightAmount mixed in Daily Rations
50   # Litter1/2        ounce    AM & PM
100 # Litter3/4        ounce    AM & PM
300 # Animal1 1/2     ounce    AM & PM
400 # Animal1 3/4     ounce    AM & PM

This regimen is recommended for all animals, whether under normal, environmental, training, and/or performance stress conditions.  A daily regimen amount is  critical for maximum health benefits and optimal genetic expression.

Continual Feeding Instructions

To help maintain the health of your animals after the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the  amount listed above once a day.