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Equine Karbo Combo +

Karbo Combo+Karbo Combo+ is our signature specialty supplement. Our cutting-edge technology combines the active ingredients of Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+ and Epic II CL into the Karbo Combo+ pellet. Our Karbo Combo+combination offers the animal's immune systems multiple advantages in helping their own immune system deal with every day environmental challenges for thriftier body function. In effect, Karbo Combo+ will allow you to exploit the genetic potential of your livestock as a strengthened immune system manages daily challenges. 

Karbo Combo+
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Equine Feeding Instructions

We recommend the following regimen for the horse's or foal's first two weeks on Karbo Combo+.  These are also our suggested levels of Karbo Combo+ to be fed to the horses that are enrolled in a breeding protocol and foals after weaning. After the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the amount listed below once a day.

Karbo Combo+
Weight and ClassificationAmount mixed in Daily Rations
Foals1/2       ounce              AM & PM
400#   Animal*1/2       ounce              AM & PM
600#   Animal*3/4      ounce               AM & PM
800#   Animal*1          ounce               AM & PM
1000# Animal*1 1/2   ounces             AM & PM
1500# Animal*2          ounces             AM & PM

*Animal means: Fillies, Colts, Studs, Mares, Geldings

This regimen is recommended for all animals, whether under normal, environmental, training, and/or performance stress conditions.  A daily regimen amount is  critical for maximum health benefits and optimal genetic expression.

Continual Feeding Instructions

To help maintain the health of your animals after the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the  amount listed above once a day.