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Equine Epic II CL

Epic II CL EquineEpic II CL is an aqueous (water-based) solution consisting of encapsulated natural vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and glycocomponents. Epic II CL is formulated to cut down the ammonia (blood urea nitrogen) in the intestine, thereby allowing for more complete digestion and increased tissue integrity. With its unique ability to dilate bood vessels and increase gut mobility for faster toxin evacuation, Epic II CL is unsurpassed in its effectiveness to aid the animal's own immune sytem in combatting colic symptoms and other digestive diseases. For maximum benefit for your animals and birds, use Epic II CL in combination with Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+

Epic II CL
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Epic II CL supplemented in water at least 30 days prior to breeding:

  • Increases the immune response of the animal.
  • Ties up various deleterious toxins that interfere with the well being of the embryo in the early stages of development.

Equine Feeding Instructions

The following amounts are recommended for the horse's first two weeks on Epic II CL

These are also our suggested levels of Epic II CL to be fed to the horses that are enrolled in the breeding protocol and foals after weaning.

Epic II CL
Weight and ClassificationAmount mixed in Daily Rations
Foals30cc   AM & PM
400# -   800#40cc   AM & PM
800#-  1000#50cc   AM & PM
1000#-1500#60cc    AM & PM
1500# +70cc   AM & PM

This regimen is recommended for all animals, whether under normal, environmental, training, and/or performance stress conditions.  A daily regimen amount is  critical for maximum health benefits and optimal genetic expression.

Continual Feeding Instructions

To help maintain the health of your animals after the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the  amount listed above once a day.