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Canine Breeding Protocol

Attention to All Dog Breeders
Breeding Protocol & Pup Essentials

Want to reap the many benefits such as increased litter size, stronger and more vigorous pups and fewer digestive upsets? The results of the following regimen have been outstanding! Check out our testimonials.

  • Supplement Karbo Essentials+ Canine to all bitches and studs on a continuous basis, for maximum immune stimulation.
  • Start all pups on Karbo Essentials+ Canine as soon as they start to eat following the instructions that are inserted into the Karbo Essentials+ Canine.

*For maximum benefit, feed on a daily basis throughout life.

The use of Karbo Essentials+ Canine is essential in growing puppies and in the rejuvenation of the bitch following whelping. This critical period is a stressful time for both mother and pups. In order to protect your investment, healthy, thrifty animals are a must.

Challenges to the immune systems are ever present and a daily battle for the canine. With the use of Karbo Essentials+ Canine  in the ration, the animal's immune system can combat these stressful, daily situations caused by undesirable bugs.