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Bovine Toxins

The Forgotten Culprit in Disease Symptoms

Many bacteria, viruses, molds, and protozoa and fungi in themselves, do not make animals sick. However, the toxins that they produce can and do make the patient violently ill. It is not enough to just eliminate the disease organisms. We need to bind up or inactivate the toxins that have been produced. The binding of many toxins can be successfully accomplished by the following procedures:

  • Molecular bonds with supplied molecules to attach to and render the toxin harmless. Example: antitoxins attaching to specific toxins.
  • Using specific glycoproteins that will attach to the toxins and make a new harmless molecule.
  • The use of specific organic compounds to tie up toxins such as aflotoxins and mycotoxins found by the hundreds in our grains and other feed stuffs. With this approach, a substance with a very large surface area attracts and binds to the toxins.
  • The toxins are in this manner unable to enter the animal's blood stream and are rafted out of the body as fecal material. These large surface area yeast forms must be fed on a continual basis when toxic mycotoxins and aflotoxins are being fed to the animal. A maintenance supplementation is essential.

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