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Bovine Epic II CL

Bovine Epic II CLEpic II CL is an aqueous (water-based) solution consisting of encapsulated natural vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and glycocomponents. Epic II CL is formulated to cut down the ammonia (blood urea nitrogen) in the intestine, thereby allowing for more complete digestion and increased tissue integrity. With its unique ability to dilate bood vessels and increase gut mobility for faster toxin evacuation, Epic II CL is unsurpassed in its aid to the animal's own immune system in combatting undesirable  digestive challanges. For maximum benefit for your animals and birds, use Epic II CL in combination with Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+. Learn more.

Epic II CL
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Below are the suggested amounts for Bovine, Bison, Elk and Camelids. Generally Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+ are used in concert with Epic II CL for maximum effect. Though there are a few limited situations where you might use only Epic II CL, most of our customers prefer to use Karbo Combo+. Because it combines both the Epic and the Karbo formulas, you are able to get the most "Bang for your Buck." It is also much easier for the farmer since you only have one product to administer instead of two.

Bovine Feeding Instructions
(Including Bison, Elk & Other Ruminants)

Below are the suggested daily amounts for Bovine, Bison, Elk and other Ruminants for the first two weeks on Epic II CL. Generally, Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+ are used in concert with Epic II CL for maximum effect. 

Epic II CL
Weight and Classification Amount mixed in Daily Rations
Calves 30cc   AM & PM
400#-800# 40cc   AM & PM
800#-1000# 50cc   AM & PM
1000#-1500# 60cc   AM & PM
1500# + 70cc   AM & PM

This regimen is recommended for all animals, whether under normal, environmental, training, and/or performance stress conditions.  A daily regimen amount is  critical for maximum health benefits and optimal genetic expression.

Continual Feeding Instructions

To help maintain the health of your animals after the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the  amount listed above once a day.