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Equine Karbo Flour+

Equine Karbo Flour Karbo Flour+ is our original Karbo formula product. The primary function of this flour form supplement is to bind and inactivate bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and toxins in animals and birds. Karbo Flour+ has proven effective in helping the immune system to combat multiple disease challenges and symptoms, and in boosting immunity. Karbo Flour+ can be mixed with total daily rations, sprinkled on food portions or mixed into soft foods. Karbo Flour+, when used with Epic II CL (see product info), provides even greater protection for your animals and birds. 

Karbo Flour+
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Karbo Flour+ supplemented in feed to the equine at least 30 days prior to breeding:

  • Blocks the proliferation of susceptible bacteria, viruses and toxins.
  • Stimulates the immune response to better handle pathogenic challenges.
  • Helps the immune sytem decrease latent infections before the advent of breeding.
  • Increases the immune response of the animal.
  • Ties up various deleterious toxins that interfere with the well-being of the embryo in the early states of development.

Equine Feeding Instructions

(Including Mules, Donkeys and Ponies)

The following amounts are recommended for the horse's first two weeks on Karbo Flour+. Thereafter, feed the  amounts  below once a day on a continual basis. 

These are also our suggested levels of Karbo Flour+ to be fed to the horses that are enrolled in the breeding protocol and foals after weaning.

Karbo Flour+
Weight and ClassificationAmount mixed in Daily Rations
Foals1/2     ounce            AM & PM
400#   Animal*1/2     ounce             AM & PM
600#   Animal*3/4     ounce             AM & PM
800#   Animal*1         ounce             AM & PM
1000# Animal*1 1/2  ounces           AM & PM
1500# Animal*2         ounces           AM & PM

*Animal means: Fillies, Colts, Studs, Mares, Geldings

This regimen is recommended for all animals, whether under normal, environmental, training, and/or performance stress conditions.  A daily regimen amount is  critical for maximum health benefits and optimal genetic expression.

Continual Feeding Instructions

To help maintain the health of your animals after the first two weeks we recommend a continual feeding regimen of the  amount listed above once a day.