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Laminitis occurs most often in horses due to grain or high protein overload. Laminitis is the constriction and depletion of the arterial blood supply through the terminal arch within the hoof, caused by histamines and toxins released in the body.

The most common clinical sign of laminitis is:

  • Stiff and soreness in the front legs

Without proper action and preventative measures, the depletion of the blood vessels can cause severe pathology. Therefore, the sooner the treatment begins following incidents that can lead to founder, the better. In severe cases, the animal can become permanently lame. Left untreated, gross pathology with lamino necrosis and third phalynx rotation can become permanent.

Current Therapies

The use of Karbo Combo+, in field studies, has proven very effective in in helping the immune system combat the symptoms of Laminitis. Karbo Combo+ will aid in the dilation of the capillaries and tie up the harmful toxins and histarnines.

Karbo Combo+ consists of encapsulated enzymes, vitamins, bacteria, and large numbers of mannan and glucan oligosaccharides. In addition, the formula also contains glycocomponents necessary for tying up and neutralizing various toxins.

The objective of Karbo Combo+ is to attach and bind to the surface lectins of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and toxins, therefore rendering them incapable of colonization and reproduction. The stimulation and modulation of the complex immune system by this formulation is not clearly understood at this time.