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Canine Viral Challenges

To help the immune system to recognize and fight off many viral and bacterial challenges, we use a system of vaccinations. The purpose here is to introduce the animal’s immune system to the bug and therefore allow it to strengthen its resistance. This approach works very well if strict attention is paid to the immune systems.

An animal , especially a young animal , that has a poorly developed immune system will not, in many cases, develop a solid immunity. In these cases, we refer to the vaccination as a vaccination failure. The animal is still able to be openly infected by the virus or bacteria.

Vaccination without proper stimulation of the immune system leads to many vaccination failures and discouraging results. By using  a combination of Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+ and Epic II CL  or our Karbo Essentials+ as a supplement, the immune system is constantly stimulated and modulated. Therefore it can respond to everyday challenges and build a solid immune response when stimulated with a vaccine.

Research shows that if the immune systems are working correctly, very little clinical disease is found.