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Camelids Vaccinations

The proper preparation of the immune system in animals is critical for all vaccination procedures.

Vaccination failures in most programs are directly related to inadequate reactions by the animals Humeral and Cellular immune systems. Animals that do not have an adequate immune system development do not build proper resistance to the organisms they were vaccinated for and do not establish immunity.

Stimulating the immune system prior to vaccinations assures the owner that the animal has a good chance of developing a proper immune response to the diseases that were recommended in the vaccine. Vaccination without proper immune system stimulation and preparation leads to many vaccination failures and discouraging results. And as Dr. Smith has said time and time again, research shows that if the immune systems are working right very little clinical disease is evident.

The stimulation of the immune systems can be accomplished by the use of Karbo Flour+ or Karbo Pellets+ and Epic II CL or Karbo Combo+ Pellets.