Gomers Inc. Everyday solutions to animal challenges

(Including Bison, Elk  & Other Ruminants)

Using our products- Karbo Combo+, Karbo Pellets+, Karbo Essentials+, Karbo Flour+ and/or Epic II CL on a daily bases can help the bovine's immune system combat everyday environmental  challenges.

If you have any bovine disease questions or any other questions about bovines and our Karbo Products that we do not currently address, please send us an email at info@gomersinc.com or give us a call at 608.617.9626

Common issues our Karbo Products will help you out with:


The ongoing problem that dairies seem to have. It is a multi-factorial disease involving the environment, disease-causing pathogens, and the host. Learn more.

Calf Raising Essentials

A few pointers to successfully raise calves and information on diarrhea as well.


Information on Ketosis, a disease of the rumin.

Milk Fever

The main cause of this ailment is metabolism issues, which our line of Karbo Products can help the immune system combat daily.